Sunday, October 4, 2015

Where Could I Find Someone Like You ...?

I wanna cry but there's no more tears
I wanna smile but I've got no one
Had my destiny
already been fated ?
It's really unbearable
but I've got no choice .

Where could I find someone like you ?
Never would I be able
to live apart from you
With wrenching heart

The words wouldn't do the justice
for the feeling of you being away
Leaving me behind ...alone
with no one in a lonely alley

The bright world now turns bleak
The shining light I could no longer feel
As my heart is now weeping hard
It only add pains to my suffering
Yet you don't seem to come

Where could I find someone like you ?
Would it be in the heaven ?
I'm yearning for someone to cry with forever ...

#Tan Sri P. Ramlee

#Jane ... Al-Fatihah ... Abah .

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